Exclusives 5 March 2021
Author: Aaron M

GRM Exclusive: 7 Ard Adz Tunes you’ve never heard

5 March 2021

With Ard Adz’ latest album Dinner for One out today, GRM Daily takes a look at Ard Adz’ early musical journey, bringing you seven tunes you have never heard!

1. “Real Life Freestyle”

Ard Adz released this elite block freestyle in 2010, proving his storytelling abilities as a young, up and coming rapper. The Brixton-based rapper talks of his early criminality from age 11, gang conflicts and prison politics. This raw freestyle deserves more attention!

2. “Addicted”

This audio release remains underrated. Adz comes through with a wavy flow over an upbeat anthem, referencing his relationships over the years. The verses are accompanied by a hook sample from Kelly Rowland, complimenting the south Londoner’s humorous lyrics.


3. “Tag Team” (featuring Sho Shallow)

For many years, Ard Adz and Sho Shallow were inseparable rappers. This unexpected video was one of the few tunes that went unnoticed in 2014. The pair go back and forth over a Calvin Harris club instrumental, dropping witty bars and wordplay throughout.

4. “Windy Freestyle Episode 1”

Representing WindyMusic, Adz dropped this freestyle in 2015. The simplistic, trippy visual compliments the hard-hitting, deep lyrics put forward by the Angel Town native. Overall, this is a perfect representation of Adz’ talent when it comes to street introspection.

5. “101”

Adz smashes this lyric video with a fresh flow, presenting his versatility. The creative images are aligned with the artist’s creative bars, and the song should have become a club anthem! Check it out below.

6. “1TAKE”

Midlands platform P110 linked up with Ard Adz for this uncensored, gritty freestyle. The classic Alchemist instrumental aligns with Adz’ dark bars which reference religion, disagreements and his hiatus. This freestyle is comparable to the 2010 freestyle above, take it in now!

7. “Thinking”

This slow track is the perfect end to this compilation. “Thinking” is attached to P110’s The Album, sitting alongside tunes from Aystar, Fredo and Mist. Adz does not disappoint, bringing his unique vibe to this cross-city project.