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7 classic Craig David tracks you need to revisit

29 September 2016

Craig David is back. Well, he never actually left guys, he was just livin’ it large in Miami training and finding a new found career as a DJ (who would have thought?)

But tomorrow, Craig is back and blessing us with a new album. How lucky are we?! In case you’ve forgotten, we’ve listed seven of his golden oldies to get you in the mood ready for the new release.

Artful Dodger ft. Craig David – “Re-Rewind”

We had to start with the classic track that introduced Craig to the world; hooking up with Southampton native DJ and producer duo Artful Dodger, “Re-Rewind” came out in 1999. The track peaked at #2 and lets not lie, 17 years on, we still love it. 

Kano ft. Craig David- “This is the Girl”

Kano has been absolutely slaying 2016 with his Mercury prize-nominated album Made in the Manor, but don’t ever forget he’s got hits from years back too. Craig featured on “This Is The Girl” back in 2007, which was on Kano’s classic London Town album. 

Craig David- “Walking Away”

The shirt, the chain and his baby face are enough to earn “Walking Away” a top spot in this list, let alone the fact that it peaked at #3 in the UK charts too. This one still sounds just as sick as it did back then.

Craig David ft. Sting- “Rise & Fall”

Craig David and the Sugababes (remember them?) bizarrely released songs within the same few weeks, both sampling Sting’s “Shape Of Your Heart”. Clearly Craig won this battle, with Sting himself featuring on the track (plus it reached higher in the charts- ha!).

Craig David- “What’s Your Flava”

“What’s Your Flavour” is one of Craig David’s most elaborate videos. On Gene Wilder’s passing, he recently spoke out about how Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory is one of his favourite films. He also named his debut album Born To Do It after a quote in the film, “They do it because they’re born to do it.”

Craig David- “Seven Days”

A video inspired by the film Groundhog Day, Seven Days reached #1 in 2001. It was also the year that Craig, then 19, was hotly tipped for scooping BRIT Awards (with him leading the way with four nominations). He unfortunately left empty handed, which led to Robbie Williams speaking out, saying “Craig was robbed.” 

Craig David – “Fill Me In”

We’ll end on one of our all time favourites. “Fill Me In” was Craig’s debut single which leaped straight to number one in 2000. It was also sampled by Justin Bieber in 2013 on the track “Recovery”. 

So there we have it, seven tracks for you to put on repeat (and re-rewind) to get you in the mood for Following My Intuition when it lands tomorrow. King of Garage, we salute you!