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Author: Seth P

7 Lyrics that remind us why Ghetts is one of the GOATs

16 September 2018

Like he famously proclaimed on “Top 3 Selected”, Ghetts is truly an MC that needs no introduction. Having just dropped his long awaited sequel to the 2007 classic Ghetto Gospel, we thought there was no better time to look back at some of the lyrics that have consistently made him a cut above the rest, regardless of the epoch he finds himself in.

The level of lyricism Ghetts has consistently displayed throughout his decade plus career, has been polarizing at times. A lot of the lyricism has unfortunately gone over the heads of the less discerning listeners amongst us, and consequently Ghetts has never really got the recognition that he deserves. We’re on hand to change that, and somehow narrow down seven seminal Ghetts lyrics that define Ghetts’ status as one of the GOATs.

Relationship Ft Tension

One of the many things that made Ghetto Gospel such an incredible body of work is the fact that it had much more to offer than just braggadocious hype. Ghetts displayed a softer side on “Relationship” where he showed his ability to effortlessly flow on an instrumental many would have thought was outside of his comfort zone. Ghetts never compromises on lyricism irrespective of the subject matter, as Ghetts skilfully echoes a sentiment all of us have felt at some point. 

“I don’t mind a relationship/ but I need a patient chick some chicks aint the one like agent smith”

The Movement DvD


Ghetts is a multi-faceted artist, his various personas allow him to bring out different sides of his personality on wax, whether it’s the erratic, hyper energetic Ghetto or the slick well-controlled lyrical storms created by Ghetts, it’s truly a thing of beauty to witness. Imagine witnessing him effortlessly flick between the two like turning a page in a book? That’s just what he does on The Movement DvD clip above. 

I can do it on own but together that’s a hell of a show
Hello, the name’s Ghetto, Justin, Reggie all the same fellow
I aint mellow
N****s tryin to break me down I aint lego

He said I’m an angry K A N O
I was like N O you know my M O
I say it to your face no memo
I’m on the roads like lines that are yellow
Wil you will not like Ghetto

I’m back why should I stop here this aint no depot.

Ghetto Risky Roadz Freestyle

Ghetts dropped some of his most iconic and memorable bars on a Risky Roadz freestyle more than a decade ago. Only the beginning few bars need to be heard for the old heads amongst us to channel our inner Ghetto for a full scale recital of one of the most memorable freestyles in grime’s history. 

What’s happening? Whats really good cuz? Whats crackaling

I be in the hood blud still battling, still tryin to push drugs, so when I see feds they only see legs yeah I’m still panicking
and I’ve left them fakes in the past but I still hear snakes in the grass still rattling

Will it matter when my mixtapes on display like a mannequin

then out comes the album/ I got this shit locked down like falcon
flows I’ve got a thousand, I bet MCs have said that but they hope that nobody counts em.

Ghetto Acoustic Jam Session

Once again showing that versatility is something that runs through his veins, Ghetts spat some of his realest bars over nothing but an acoustic guitar. This was during an era before A64’s and MCs doing Radio One Live lounges became a thing. There is no beat to hide behind, no catchy hooks; just lyricism in its purest form. 

I never wake up puzzled

I wake up knowing it’s a straight up struggle
it’s paper above all
I know a lot of pricks that came in the hustle and got rich without even straining a muscle
but not me, I’m an unlucky bastard
the pain I’ve felt can never be plastered.


Ghetts: Daily Duppy

Like we mentioned in the intro, Ghetts’ lyrical ability is criminally under appreciated. Rather oxymoronically, he uses his lyrical prowess to address this in his “Daily Duppy”, which is currently just shy of breaking the one million views milestone. We could have easily picked any number of bars, as the entire freestyle is packed with insane wordplay.

How many times has a man said I’m shit cause he don’t know what I said?
Young Thug and Future fans but they don’t know what I said
Aint ghetto another word for hood? I guess I’m designed to go over your head

Line Of Work

In 2005 Ghetts dropped his debut mixtape 2000 and Life. The mixtape has most definitely stood the test of time as Ghetts can be heard delivering hard bars galore. Obviously his lyricism has developed since then, however you can see the makings of a star in his early writings.

So Whats your line of work? All I know is quick money getting
I’m always on the roads every day I’m sweating
never on a long ting pace I’m setting
run up in the bookies but not for the betting
8’o clock curfew I’ve gotta get in



As well being known for his distinctive skippy flows, double entendres and metaphors; Ghetts is a renowned story teller. One of the most intricate examples of this is “Karma” which is produced by veteran producer Z Dot. 

Wa gwarn? Time for a decision
time to disappear like I is a magician
my driver in position
wheels spinning away and causing a cyclist collision
sirens in my ears blue lights in my vision
pedal to the metal now we’re losing them can just about see them in my view again
sliding and skidding driver movin like a hooligan cah we na wann time innah prison