News 20 July 2016
Author: Sam

7 most interesting things we learned from Kano’s Combat Jack Show interview

Author Sam
20 July 2016

A couple of weeks ago, Kano graced the O2’s Brooklyn Bowl for an appearance on the highly-regarded Combat Jack Show. During the in-depth two-hour interview, KA treated fans with an abundance of interesting stories about his career and life.

It is a brilliant interview, so if you get the opportunity, make sure you check it out.

If not, here’s the seven most interesting things we learnt…

1. When he first heard “Ps & Qs”, Davinche said, “It’s good, but it’s not great.” Imagine if Kano had listened?!

GRM Daily

2. Kano was going to study Graphics at university. Thank god that didn’t work out.

3. The only ‘normal’ job Kano’s ever done was half a day at a barbers. He soon realised it wasn’t for him. Tekkers on mic, but not with the razor apparently.

4. D Double E actually writes bap-a-bup-bup in his rhyme book. Kano knows, because he “looked after it” once. An insight into the mind of a genius.

GRM Daily

5. Kano is a huge Mike Skinner fan and says he doesn’t realise how much he did for the scene. Legend.

6. Kano and old best friend Dean spoke for 93 mins after Dean heard “Strangers.” Dean got in touch after his mum told him to “call his friend.” Emotional.

7. Kano’s top 5 Grime MCs are: D Double E, Wiley, Ghetts, Lethal B, and Dizzee Rascal (but that’s not including Wretch or Giggs).

Oh, and there was also that unbelievable Christmas story of Kano’s Fire in the Booth. But that’s so interesting it got a whole piece to itself. Read that here.

By SJRip