News 20 October 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

7 rappers you need to follow on SnapChat

Author Marisa Lee
20 October 2016

Along with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, one of the other social media heavyweights has to be Snapchat. Snapchat arguably gives you an even closer, more insightful look into your favourite celebrities’ lives than any of the other social media channels. It offers us the opportunity to have a glimpse behind the scenes and see what our favourite personalities get up to when only camera rolling is their own. So, we’ve taken time to assemble a list of the best/funniest Snapchatters that you should be following if you aren’t already.

Krept: kreptplaydirty

GRM Daily

Krept’s Snapchat is by far one of the funniest. Some of his best stories are when he creates stupid stories with emojis, narrated by himself. Following Krept is to get an insight into his private life, from getting waved with the Play Dirty mandem, to complaining about his replacement cars, to doing weird adventure activities. He even snapped the incredible houses he looked at as he was house-hunting.

Stormzy: Stormzy1

We couldn’t compile a list of rappers to follow on snapchat without mentioning Stormzy. If you’ve ever seen his Twitter you can hazard a guess at how potentially funny his Snapchat could be, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Follow him to see him beefing Krept, playing with his dog, or being silly with the lovely Maya Jama.

Novelist: snapnovelist

GRM Daily

Novelist is constantly snapping. To follow him on snap is to follow him as he travels the world, from Lewisham to America. He documents himself pissing about with his mates, chatting shit to the camera, and at home in the studio.

Ghetts: TheRealGhetts


Ghetts’ snapchat reveals just how mad his workrate really is. Constantly in the studio or at shows, the lyrical master is non-stop working. But, he of course makes time to be with his family and his daughter between slewing his mates and slewing his sets.

AJ Tracey: canttraceme

GRM Daily

AJ’s snapchat is another that documents grime’s worldwide travel. His story saw him in the same studio as Ratking, wearing a full tracksuit in New York, and performing at Danish festivals. You’ll also catch him with Zuu, Ets and the rest of the MTP crew on road at Ladbroke Grove, as he deeps them with his own prick cam filter and smashes them at Fifa.

Big Narstie: bignarstiebdl

Narstie is one of the biggest characters in the game, and his Snapchat stories show that he’s exactly how he is on camera, in his personal life. If he’s not on tour getting gassed with fans in the street, he’s spitting the alphabet over a garage beat to his daughter, or as expected, bunning huge spliffs. He also gives his front camera some jokes monologues, discussing everything from wastemen to the fact he needs to give warnings before dropping such “demonic” farts. Classic.

Schoolboy Q: Hoovaq

GRM Daily

The 29 year old rapper from South Central LA is another hilarious snapchatter. You’ll often find the cool rapper stuff like one of his friends Snapchatting part of his shows from backstage or smoking massive zoots, but Q also shows us his loving side. He snaps from all of his daughter’s soccer games, and snaps him watching them through facetime if he’s on tour. Follow him for stupid dad jokes, sick tour footage, and studio stupidity.