News Videos 14 February 2018
Author: Seth P

7 Roadmantic bangers to finesse Valentine’s Day

14 February 2018

It’s Valentine’s Day, and everyone knows that leaving love letters in your crush’s tray is dead. It’s 2017, and if there’s a modicum of truth in the song, then it most certainly goes down in the DMs these days. It’s often hard to find the right words without sounding totally moist, so why not let a song describe how you’re feeling? We’ve tried our best to select the most roadmantic tracks to help you let that spice know what time it is.

Tinie Tempah – “Wifey”

If you were fortunate enough to have been a teenager in the noughties then there’s a very good chance that you’ve already dedicated this classic to a chick already. Of course your new ting doesn’t need to know that, and the chances are she probably only started to listening to grime two years ago, so you can really impress her with your knowledge by showing her that Tinie’s first track wasn’t “Pass Out”.

K Koke -“Fire in the Booth Part 1”

Now this is a wildcard, Koke is most certainly not known for his “wifey bars”. However skip to around the three minute thirty second mark and tell your Valentine it’s about her; If she clocks who it is really about, then you know you’ve got yourself a keeper.

Nu Brand Flexx -“Gash By The Hour”

Another one from left field, perhaps not something you’d traditionally say to a girl if you wanted to woo her. But wait, you need to assert yourself, same way she’s probably got plenty of suitors lined up you’ve also got plenty of options and she’s lucky you even bothered to slide in her DMs cause you’re “busy like Lagos airport”.

Kano -“Nite Nite”

We gotta have some classics on the lis, and no list of this sort would be complete without a Kano tune or two. “Nite Nite” was of course on his legendary debut album Home Sweet Home and featured The Streets. Kano is one of the few artists that is able to spit sweet boy lyrics without losing any credibility.

Skepta -“Text me Back”

The beat is about as grimey as they get, which Skeppy turns into a modern day grime ballad. Skepta schools you in the art of expressing your feelings without sounding soft on one of the stand out’s from his landmark Konnichiwa LP.  The outro to this tune is in fact a snippet of a beat produced by his younger brother Jason.

Ghetts – “Relationship” (ft. Tension)

Ghetts is most certainly a surprise entry on this list. But surely, if even Ghetts has a soft side, then it’s ok if you have one right? This banger was from his ten year old classic Ghetto Gospel and features some slick vocals from long-lost veteran MC Tension.

Kano -“Brown Eyes”

This is another classic from Kano that would be absolutely criminal if we didn’t include. Kano proves that he can go bar for bar with the best in the game but he can also make tunes for the ladies. Not many artists can stake such a claim, which is a true testament to the kind of artist he really is.