News 5 December 2018

7 stereotypical types of grime fan

5 December 2018

With Stormzy continuing to break crazy records and reaching unthinkable milestones in his career, like being announced as a Glastonbury headliner and releasing his first book via his brand new publishing imprint, #Merky Books; it’s clear that grime really has gone global. With the expansion of the sound, the types of grime fan definitely have diversified over the years whilst some really haven’t changed at all. From the older fan who never misses a chance to tell you ’03 was still the best year in grime, to the don going the hardest in the rave stepping all over your new TNs – here’s our tongue in cheek look at some of the stereotypical types of grime fan you may encounter on your excursions to the rave. 

The posh girl from Surrey

She knows nothing about grime culture but wears dirty black air max 90s to prove she’s “urban” and swears “Shut Down” is “like literally Skepta’s best grime tune ever”. Probably drives a white Fiat 500 and bangs out Abba at Christmas time with her parents but on the gram posts insta stories of her mouthing the lyrics to “Know Me From”.

The fan that swears he can go 16 for 16 with Wretch

This is the guy that swears he has bars and is forever asking you to share the link to his latest freestyle and always ‘accidentally’ leaves his mixtape in your car. Friends with Big Shaq and at all times stays loyal to the roads.

The old school grime fan

The older don that will always hold on to the golden era of grime and never admit to liking any of the new school grime kids. Constantly found in debates and goes off on long rants about how much grime has changed – try and tell him Stormzy is better than Kano, I dare you. Can also be found watching old F64s on YouTube during his lunch break.

The super grime fan

Knows everything there is to know about grime – the origins, the growth, who was involved, where, when, what time. Has been a fan from the very beginning, probably grew up in East, has been to every single Eskimo Dance and breathes in 140bpm. Fondest grime memory: when Wiley and Dizzee were still friends.

The two finger gun skank fan

Always the one going the hardest in a rave. The skank is strong. The screw face is stronger. Likely knows every song lyric for lyric and is sweating profusely despite still having their jacket on inside. Did someone just step on your new trainers from JD? Yeah, that was probably them. Can be found at the front of the crowd or middle of the rave losing their mind to every wheelup.

The fan that claims he’s bredrins with every single MC

“Ah Ghetts? Yeah he’s my guy you know, I always used to roll with them man there back in the day. You know I was the one who told him to drop the ‘O’ right?”. Can be found at the drink up telling made up stories of how him and some MC went to school together.

The hood girl grime fan

This girl loves grime more than any mandem on road. Can probably spit a harder freestyle than any guy from ends. Likely either from South or East – please don’t try to move to this girl by asking her out for dinner, take her to a Chip concert instead, thank me later.