News 22 June 2016

72 new Emojis have been released!

22 June 2016

In October last year we were blessed with new Emojis, including the all-important middle finger, and now the keyboard gods are back to bring us a whole 72 more. The time has come to start finding ways to incorporate baguettes, medals and shopping trolleys into your everyday conversations.

Although Emoji creators Unicode released the new Emojis yesterday, there isn’t an exact date on when they’ll be available for you to use. They stated;

“It’s worth noting that the approval date of Unicode 9.0 doesn’t necessarily mean they will be rolled out to end-users on this date.

From June 21, vendors such as Apple, Google and Microsoft are able to start including these in public releases.”

Which means, basically, that you’ll have to wait for your phone’s next update to share the love for shrimp.

The “sporting rifle” Emoji was rejected from the release last week, when Buzzfeed reported that Apple put pressure on Unicode not to include it, saying it would not improve the Emoji for use on iOS devices. The “modern pentathlon” Emoji was also left out of the new release, as it features a man shooting a rifle, but the pistol Emoji will still remain.

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