News 31 May 2017

9 essential MoStack tracks

31 May 2017

MoStack has positioned himself as one of the most popular and wavy UK rappers with his charismatic and refreshingly honest bars. His originality has allowed him to forge his own lane, to the extent whereby any rapper who would even attempt to replicate his style would do so to no avail. That is because MoStack is himself on his tracks, which certainly cannot be said of the most rappers, and that is perhaps his most endearing quality to fans.

His new mixtape, High Street Kid, is to be released this Friday and includes features from J Hus, Mist, Jiggz and Krept! To acquaint you with some of his best tracks and to illustrate his musical journey from a young teenage rapper who went by the name Lil Mo to where he is now, we have compiled nine essential tracks from MoStack! 

Liar Liar

Where better to start than with arguably the best song of 2016 and the track which propelled MoStack’s career to an entirely new dimension. With an all-star video cast featuring appearances from the likes of Stormzy, Wretch 32 and J Hus, along with Mo’s local peoples, the video captures the fun and wavy vibe of the track. This song has rung out in clubs, earned radio play and will no doubt continue to do so even after the release of his mixtape on Friday!

Your Man

A love story narrated the only way MoStack could ever foretell; Humorous, wavy and uncompromisingly truthful! Whilst it is now expected that any beat that MoStack touches will be cold, this beat, produced by the genius Steel Banglez, is certainly one of the best he has rapped on. In fact, Steel Banglez has been making beats for a very long time but for a period, had gone under the radar, but came back and this track was one of his first tracks on his return. Now he has positioned himself as arguably the most in-demand producer in the UK. 

No Buddy

Whilst MoStack had been making music for a good few years prior to the release of “Nobody”, this was the song where it all began for him. This was the song which opened him up to the wider audience of underground UK rap fans, of whom at the time, would not have anticipated the growth he would make over the next couple years. This infectious beat is perfectly suited to Mo’s distinctive style and would shape the sound he has now created for himself.

On My Ones

This track with M I S to the fu*king T was one of the most anticipated link ups, which not only delivered to fans expectations but has now forged into a friendship that will continue to produce banger upon banger. You get what you expect from this song; Mist’s pain and honesty, and Mo’s entertaining yet real bars. The track was produced by none other than Shadow On The Beat!


Featuring on MoStacks debut mixtape, Gangster With Banter, this is one of those tracks where you’re in the studio and you know from the moment you’ve completed the track that you have an absolute banger on your hands! Featuring the talented Moelogo, they work perfectly in tandem with one another with Moelogo’s smooth vocals perfectly complimenting the track and taking it to another level. This song was another track which rang out in the clubs!

2010 Freestyle

Whilst MoStack would admit himself that this should be kept as far away as possible from a list of his best songs, this list is in fact a compilation of essential tracks, tracks that exhibit not only the best tracks of an artist, but are significant of their journey. At the time of making this, he was a young teenager making music for fun. Could he have imagined at the time where he would take himself through his music? Probably not, but it also shows, as with the case with artists like J Hus, that being original and creating your own sound will go a very long way to making you stand out and becoming a successful artist.

Let It Ring

Having released “Block Popping” at the start of November, MoStack confirmed that the track would be his last song released until the new year. Fast forward three months having gone ghost, Mo dropped this banger and confirmed that no hangover would be felt following his successful 2016, and would in fact take it up a level in 2017. Currently on over four million views, this track also proved that even after a little break, he can attract massive attention and was not just riding the wave of his own buzz. MoStack is certainly here to stay for the long run and rightfully so.

So Paranoid

When MoStack and J Hus link up, magic happens and with Mo’s two features on J Hus’ album on “Fisherman” and “Mash Up”, it has only heightened expectations for their track on High Street Kid. Their earliest link up was this banger back in 2015 where their sounds were a little raw but still wavy nonetheless. MoStack on this track delivered some hilarious bars and J Hus brought the crud. Take this in and hear for yourself the progression they have both made in just under two years.

Let’s Get Away

The last track of our nine essential MoStack tracks is this smooth banger from his mixtape Gangster With Banter, released at the start of 2016. Produced by Sevaqk, it features Estelle Lavaud on the hook and is the best example of Mo exhibiting his versatility. This is a mellow song and unless you have listened to his mixtape, is perhaps a sound that many people are to have heard from Mo because of the amount of upbeat tracks he has released.