News 27 April 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

A.Dot is the new host of BBC 1Xtra Breakfast

27 April 2016

It’s been announced today that A.Dot is to become the new host of the BBC 1Xtra Breakfast show. She takes over the reigns from Twin B and Yasmin, who are both moving on to do new shows.

A.Dot is the first ever solo female host of the breakfast show, after joining 1Xtra back in 2014 to present the weekend afternoon show, before moving on to the weekday afternoon. She’s now made history with this most recent move.

She said, “This is unbelievable. I can’t believe actual people are going to be waking up to my voice everyday! I can’t wait to kick start your mornings with enough music and mayhem to get you through the day. Breakfast will never be the same again!

“Just 18 months ago 1Xtra gave a radio rookie a Saturday afternoon show and now here I am taking the wheel on the Breakfast Show. I’m so, so grateful for this huge opportunity. I’ve never set a 5am alarm before, let’s hope I don’t sleep through it!”

Yasmin will become the host of the weekday 1-4pm show and Twin B will be taking on the Saturday 1-4pm show. Twin said on the change, “Waking up with the 1Xtra audience has been amazing and leaving the show with more peops listening to it than ever is brill! Juggling the show alongside my other commitments has been challenging so, 5am alarm off, let’s have vibes and good music on a Saturday afternoon.”

We look forward to seeing the rotation of the shows, and major congratulations to A.Dot!