News 9 September 2015

A man is threatening to sue KFC after a dead maggot is found in his food

9 September 2015

Wayne Mitchell (pictured above) is considering legal action against the fast food franchise after finding what he believed to be a dead maggot in his three breast fillets dish.

The 44-year-old from Ladywood in Birmingham, had eaten two of the fillets with his children but as he bit into the third, he noticed a small object fall out of the food.

Mr Mitchell took a closer look at the object and realised it was a dead maggot that had been coated in the breadcrumbs within the chicken.

A stunned Mr Mitchell contacted KFC to complain about his discovery and was told they would investigate his findings “as a matter of the utmost importance.”

Mr Mitchell, on the advice of his local environmental health department, froze what was left of the meal and sent it to KFC in for testing.

However when he requested the results he was told the chicken was “too mouldy” to be properly examined.

Mr Mitchell, who has vowed never to eat a KFC ever again, said: “I went over just before lunch and picked up three pieces of chicken to eat at my children’s house.

“I ate the first two as normal but when I picked up the third and bit into it, I noticed something drop off.

“When I picked it up with my fingers, I thought ‘this looks like a maggot’, it was disgusting.”

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He continued: “I was sick all over the weekend after that, the thought of that maggot has actually put me off eating any meat at all.

“Imagine if my kids had that? It doesn’t bear thinking about.”

A frustrated Mr Mitchell added: “I did everything KFC asked and returned the frozen chicken by recorded delivery. They said they would test it but have since told me they were unable to because the meat was too mouldy which I don’t believe as it was frozen when I posted it.

“They are simply fobbing me off. The person I spoke to at KFC yesterday said they had sent it off to an independent pest control company which had identified it as a common house fly. What more proof do they need?”

A KFC spokesperson said: “To be clear, the specialist contractor has not and cannot confirm what the item is.

“Our independent specialists cannot confirm what the object shown in the images is – only testing of the sample, which is no longer possible, would allow this.

“We are very sorry for Wayne’s experience.”