News 29 January 2015
Author: Bernie Mac

A2 – “Versace Blue Jeans” #NextGen10

29 January 2015

There’s a new wave of talent emerging; an underground shift in soundscape, energy and creative diversity coming from a selection of underground artists. Underground – but totally undeniable in their own right.

#NextGen10 is a selection of our favourite independent new generation artists on the come up, and whilst you might not be familiar with some of the names on the calendar, you won’t regret paying attention.

Our second artist featuring in #NextGen10 is South London’s A2. With an ever growing following forged from word of mouth recommendations and Soundcloud followers, he’s known by many, but at the same time is one of the scene’s best kept secrets.

This GRM exclusive “Versace Blue Jeans” is more upbeat than some of his more recent releases and he explained to us the reasoning behind this display of versatility:

“The track came about from me just me being experimental. It’s me showing that I know I’ve been doing a lot of slow music so I wanted to show I’ve got flows- there’s everything over here.

What I want the listener to get from this is the same as always, I want them to hear it’s the realist sound, this is the sound that’s been missing. It’s the same with every track I make, that’s what I want the listener to realise, it’s something different.”

The distinctive sound of his music is undeniable, and as he releases more material this year, his already rising popularity is only going to keep growing.

Keep up with his journey via Twitter @A2Artist.

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10 artists. 10 tracks. 10 days.