Interviews News 10 November 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Abra Cadabra debuts “In The Kitchen” & talks THAT award win with Julie Adenuga

10 November 2016

Fresh off the back of his controversial MOBO Award win this past weekend, Abra Cadabra stepped into Julie Adenuga’s Beats 1 studio to talk about his perspective of what went on.

He told her, “I didn’t know what was going on. We’ve gone back in the bus and my bredrin is like ‘WSTRN won’… But everyone’s going mad, and they were saying apparently they were playing my music in the background when they announced WSTRN won it.

“I didn’t care, I already told everyone, I didn’t plan on winning it this year. It’s all come so quick. Realistically I was thinking ‘probably next year, hopefully’,” he continued.

“When they announced it, it was like a dream. I’m hearing bare claps. Man’s used to watching people getting the claps. Everyone’s saying ‘why didn’t you give a speech’, but I was baffed, I ain’t won a MOBO Award before. Obviously I’ve won the RATED Awards as well so it’s made it even worse for me. I’m thinking ‘what is going on’… I’m just looking up and there’s bare people. I’m thinking, I’m on TV right now… That day was a mad ting, still.”

The Tottenham born artist also took some time out to premiere some new music too. You can stream the new track, called “In The Kitchen” below.

While you’re here, be sure to pree Abra Cadabra’s collaboration with Kojo Funds, “Dun Talking“, which just recently broke one million views.