News 16 February 2020
Author: Vince

Abra Cadabra drops concept EP ‘LOL: Love or Lust’

16 February 2020

Abra Cadabra returns with his second E.P LOL: Love or Lust? which demonstrates his artistry in ways we’ve not yet seen.

The five-song EP truly showcases the rappers diversity. Ordinarily, Abra Cadabra’s sound can be defined as a hard rap. This project, however, has afrobeat infused and inspired sounds running throughout and provides a contrasting insight into his artistry.

LOL: Love or Lust? is full of melodic hooks that weave in out of rap verses. The project is hearty and well rounded featuring some well-constructed verses that are lyrically very open and vulnerable. He touches on a variety of relationship-based topics, switching between heartfelt lyrics, in the first track “Subliminal” and racier, more lustful lyrics in the second track “Superstar”. Sticking firmly to the title theme, the entirety of the project cohesively comes together as a concept.

The rappers cadence and tones are well placed against the largely light and airy sounds used in the beat selection.

The range of melodies from sing-along mid-tones to harder to replicate low tones really exhibits his vocal abilities. Vocals are really standout throughout the entirety of the project and a lot of the tracks feel heavily led by the sung melodies.

The project only has two features, Kush and Odeal, who both add nicely to the melodic vibes of the project.

Kush’s verse on “Too Much” has subtle hints of tuning in the opening bars, whilst Odeal’s contribution to the track “On and On” is heavily melodic and bouncy, the contrast in the pitch and tones of their voices works together beautifully in this track.

This is a great snapshot of things to come from this artist with such a breadth of variety, sonically this EP keeps us guessing as to what could be next.

Listen to LOL: Love or Lust? below.