News 12 September 2020

London’s Ace Hotel to close permanently

12 September 2020

The creative industry is mourning a structural loss today as the Ace Hotel Group has announced that their Shoreditch hotel will remain closed permanently. 

Initially shutting its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group announced in a statement on Instagram that the iconic venue will not be reopening. 

They said, “We’re heartbroken to announce that our longtime home on [Shoreditch] High Street will no longer continue as Ace Hotel London Shoreditch. We fell in love with that energy, and we’re excited to build a new home in London in the hopeful, renewed future.”

The Shoreditch location was the first Ace Hotel location to be opened outside of the USA and the venue became instantaneously popular with creatives – especially with musicians and music industry professionals. 

Ace Hotel was home to many grime nights and social media is receiving an outpour of emotional messages from those who share fond memories of the venue.

The space on Shoreditch is owned by Lore Group who have confirmed that they will be taking over the space and reopening the venue later on in the year. 

A Lore Group spokesperson said, “Given the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, the Ace Hotel and its outlets will remain closed so that we can invest in significant renovation that will both refresh and enhance the guest experience.”

“We are also taking over direct management of the hotel, consistent with the other premium hotels in our collection. We are grateful to Ace for helping us make the hotel what it is today and look forward to welcoming guests back once the work is complete.”