News 5 April 2016
Author: Jaik Fenton

Adele dedicates song to Stormzy in latest LIVE show!

Author Jaik Fenton
5 April 2016

In one of the craziest stories of the year so far, Stormzy has found himself on the end of a song dedication from ADELE.

Just when you think things can’t get better for the kid, we find ourselves digesting yet ANOTHER in a long list of crazy accomplishments.

This time, the south London grime phenomenon has received praise in the highest form, from arguably one of the greatest artists on the planet.

In her latest live show, at the O2 arena in London, Adele dedicated her song “Make You Feel My Love” to none other than the Wicked Skengman himself.

Luckily, we had our very own Caroline Simionescu-Marin in attendance, ready to break the news as it happened for the Twittersphere to go crazy over.

Clearly gassed on a scale unmeasurable, Stormzy reacted with a flurry of tweets showcasing his undeniable joy at what had just occurred.

Having already seen success at the O2 Arena, performing Anthony Joshua’s entrance into the ring vs Dillian Whyte, it must feel like a breeding ground for success for the Thornton Heath superstar.

But if you thought shouting him out on stage wasn’t enough, Adele even went a step further, leaving a personal message for Stormzy to mull over after the show.

With the message reading “Stormzy, thanks for coming. I’m a big fan! Love always, Adele”, it’s surely got to be his biggest co-sign to date.

Antics at the O2 Arena have been at a premium for Stormzy, but maybe the next stop will be his own live show?

Not only that, but could we possibly see an Adele x Stormzy collaboration appear over the horizon? Now that’s a track we’d definitely like to hear.

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