#CrepCheck News Style 19 December 2017
Author: Nic Coaker

GRM Exclusive: Caroline SM & Trinna Carter talk London culture, style & adidas Prophere

Author Nic Coaker
19 December 2017

adidas has always supported the UK urban music scene, from the likes of Harlem Spartans, Abra Cadabra, Stormzy and Bonkaz; the brand can always be affiliated with the culture. From the trainer release parties, which showcase the biggest in up-and-coming talent to the campaigns featuring the likes of Kojey Radical and music producer, Nyge, the brand which is notorious for its three-stripe branding are creating a huge platform for the new generation.

Caroline SM and Trinna Carter are two of the many influential individuals featured in adidas and JD’s latest campaign for the new model, Prophere. The new model from the adidas originals collection is inspired by global street style, with a sculpted midsole that gives the shoe a bold silhouette and a futuristic design it captures modern living accurately.

Music industry mastermind, Caroline SM and singer, Trinna Carter talk about their fashion must-haves, favourite trainers and comfortable fashion.

As well as being role-models in the music scene, you can both be looked up to in terms of fashion. What would you say is one must have piece for anyone’s day-to-day wardrobe?

Trinna: It would have to be a puffer jacket that was neon coloured, I have a collection and I’m going to get an orange one tomorrow.

Caroline: I’m gonna say a thick jacket cos we’re in winter right now and it’s just an essential.

Coming from London, how do you think streetwear culture has influenced your style?

Everyone in London is stylish and ahead of the curve so I think that naturally you’re more influenced by what you want to wear because of that. 

Trinna: Yeah, I think we are but I thought it would be more because of the music to be honest. I think we take a lot of it from hip-hop culture, you know everyone around us dress fly and cool. It just comes as part of the swag. The music and the swag come together. If you haven’t got the swag, the music won’t work. 

You’re both still relatively young, but what was the first trainer that was stand-out to you when you were younger

The adidas superstars, because I always wanted them but I never got them.

Trinna: Mine were the adidas originals, we could wear them to school, that’s what I would do.`

GRM Daily

What’s your favourite trainer of all time?

The Yeezy 750 boost are my all time favourite.

Trinna: adidas ZX flux are my favourite, I’m actually wearing them now. I’ve got the black ones, I’ve got the blue ones, I’ve got the grey ones. I love them.

You both spend a lot of time in studios and travelling around for shows, with this is mind, what’s your ideal outfit?

When I’m travelling, there’s one pair of shoes that I always wear on every flight, and that’s the Yeezy 350 Boost. They’re so comfortable but also stylish. 

Trinna: You know what, I’ve got a really bad habit of not dressing for the weather, I will still be dressing nice even if it’s freezing. I’ll always be in a crop top. I would probably wear a tracksuit. Maybe an adidas crop top and tracksuit bottoms. What I usually wear is the men’s adidas shorts that come over your ankles and then I wear it with an adidas crop top.


GRM Daily

didas’ new model ‘Prophere’ has just been released, why do you like it? How do you think it matches your current style?

I think it’s a really comfy shoe and my thing is all about comfort and that’s really important because I’m on the move so much. They’re comfy and they’re stylish so they’re great for an all-round sort of use. They fit into my lifestyle perfectly.

Trinna: They kind of go with everything, that’s what I like about them. You can wear whatever you want with them and they’ll still look good.

You’re both in the new adidas and JD campaign alongside the likes of Nyge, Abra Cadabra and Kojey Radical. What does it mean to you to be involved in this?

It’s a great opportunity that we’re all very grateful for. The adidas brand means a lot to us, and has meant a lot to us for our whole lives. I’ve grown up wearing adidas so to be involved in a campaign with them is a huge, huge statement and we really appreciate the alignment with such a cool brand. They represent so much of our culture.

It was quite a big deal for me to be honest, the campaign was full of other talented individuals that I actually look up to and love what they do. And because it was adidas as well, a brand that I was brought up on when I was younger like wearing it, I used to save up all money to buy things from adidas so I’m very grateful for the opportunity.  

Caroline: Yeah, I second that one.

Click here to check out the new adidas Prophere, available online now from JD Sports.