Daily Duppy 11 November 2018

PREMIERE: Aitch kicks off brand-new season of Daily Duppy

11 November 2018

It came to an end at the start of last year but our Daily Duppy series is back and bigger than ever as Manchester’s very own Aitch hits the booth to kick off the return of the freestyle series.

The Daily Duppy booth challenges rappers to come through with their coldest punchlines and puns while their witty wordplay is assisted by colourful graphics which highlight their many references.

Aitch is no stranger to shelling down freestyles and this is evident in the way he effortlessly delivers his slicks bars and flows through his distinct Mancunian accent. He’s still very much in the early stages of his music career and if his new Daily Duppy is anything to go by, he’s definitely an artist to watch.

After you’ve checked out Aitch’s brand-new Daily Duppy, have a read through his new interview with GRM below where he talks about his favourite Daily Duppy, new music and more.

Do you have a favourite Daily Duppy?

“Ghetts’ one, 100 million per cent.  I said that from the day it came out yeah Ghetts’ one of the hardest. Because it’s one of the only things, not one of the only things but one of the few things where I didn’t get it the first time and I definitely had to pull it back to catch it all, more than once, yeah what I’m saying, that’s definitely why it’s the hardest. 100 per cent.”

Any favourite artists from Manchester?

“Robba Hollow, Culps, KDon, Kay Rico… I could go for days. All my good friends as well ya get me, everyone sets levels in Manchester.”


How was your experience on ‘YO! MTV Raps’?

 “Yo! MTV Raps was sick. They took us for food, they treated us nicely. It was good to have a little bit of TV experience as well. And I got told just last night, when people are trying to watch YouTube videos, I come up on the advert init. So I’m one of them annoying people who you have to skip nowadays you know what I’m saying. I only found out last night. Mans an advert though, come on”.

Life’s changed, you got Moncler on…

 “I’m ripping this badge off when I get home”

You said in your Daily Duppy freestyle that you have “got bangers coming like an avalanche…”, so what is coming?

“I have. I’m glad that you heard that cos it means you listened. But yeah I got a single called “Trust Me” coming which is gonna be massive. My favourite tune that I’ve got in the pipeline is the tune called “Wait” which is produced by YJ over there. That’s gonna be the biggest tune of whatever year it comes out in. Yeah man and obviously the Daily Duppy as well, the Daily Duppy is cold obviously you get me”

How has your life changed since the Straight Rhymez Freestyle?

“Umm… (Laughs)  I can’t get away with anything me. Obviously, I’m still the same person, people around me have changed, like all these people you hear around me laughing. I’ve not changed init. He’s got a big shiny gold chain on that he’s just tucked in as soon as I said it. My life’s the same, it’s just a bit more popularity that’s all. I’m happier as well, that’s it. That’s me.”

How do you want to end 2018?

“I want to leave 2018 with everyone knowing that when he comes, whatever he drops 2019, he’s gonna be one of the biggest artists about and that’s gonna happen as well, definitely.”