Videos 14 August 2021
Author: Vince

Watch Aitch & Mo Gilligan agree to make music together on the set of ‘The Lateish Show’

14 August 2021

This week comedian Mo Gilligan is joined by Aitch and a host of other guests for the penultimate episode of The Lateish Show. Aitch features in the episode as a surprise guest and the pair go back to back with bars.

In his weekly behind the scenes episodes, we get a glimpse of some of the happenings we didn’t see on the show.

At one point, Mo urges audience members and viewers at home to tweet Liam Gallagher with the hopes of getting a collaboration between Liam and Aitch going.

After the show, talks turn to Mo and Aitch hitting the studio together. But Mo insists that this isn’t to be a casual lip service arrangement and that he genuinely would like the collaboration to occur.

His final stipulation is that he doesn’t want to do a skit as one of his infamous characters as a lot of rappers tend to ask for. Aitch is all smiles and assures him they will hit the studio and get a proper 16 on track from him.

Watch The Lateish Show Behind the Scenes above.