News 5 July 2022

Aitch Launches Free Travel Scheme ‘Aitch-S2’ To Help Young People Get To Events This Summer

5 July 2022

Manchester star Aitch has announced the launch of his new Aitch-S2 initiative to allow hundreds of young people to get to cultural events in the UK for free!

Created in partnership with energy drink company Relentless, Aitch-S2 will run for eight weeks between 5th July and 26th August and will provide under 25s with free train tickets to UK festivals, gigs and nightlife.

With Aitch being an artist who emerged outside of London, Aitch is passionate about regional scenes and cultures and hopes this new initiative will help people break out of their hometowns to delve into the various scenes in the UK.

“I’m really excited to launch The Aitch-S2 with Relentless,” Aitch said. “There’s so much amazing culture around the UK but for young people to experience it, they need to break out of their city limits, which is hard to do when it’s so expensive to travel outside your hometown.

“I don’t want anyone missing out on what is going to be a summer to remember, so this initiative will help young Brits get back out there and have fun, no matter the location.”

To be in with a chance of winning free travel, under 25s in the UK can click here to visit the Aitch-S2 website where they’ll be eligible to apply for free travel across the National Rail network, with travel vouchers worth up to £100 being allocated on a weekly basis.

Good luck!