Exclusives 22 September 2022

GRM Exclusive: Here’s How the Relentless Aitch-S2 Scheme Saved The Summer

22 September 2022

Aitch is having a whirlwind year. Away from the release of his highly anticipated debut album Close To Home which reached the UK Top 10 and housed features from the likes of Ed Sheeran, AJ Tracey, Mastermind and more, Aitch also teamed up with Relentless Energy for the Aitch-S2 scheme.

Announced back in July, the Aitch-S2 scheme promised to offer hundreds of young people the chance to get into cultural events across the UK for free.

Running for eight weeks between the 5th of July and the 26th of August, some very lucky under 25s were offered free train tickets to UK festivals, gigs and nightlife.

Coming in the midst of the cost of living crisis which has seen inflation rise to record levels, the Aitch-S2 initiative marked a significant effort from Aitch and Relentless to ensure that financial woes would not be a barrier to enjoyment and cultural enrichment for young people in the first summer post-pandemic in which Covid-19 restrictions were nowhere in sight.

The launch of the Aitch-S2 initiative also wraps Aitch’s second year heading up the Relentless Without Limits campaign, which aims to inspire the next generation to live, dream, dance and create without limits.

One Aitch-S2 scheme winner, Max Bainbridge, said, “I entered the competition as I go to a lot of live shows with my cousin. With the rise in travel prices, this was a great chance to take the sting away when booking transport.

“Once I found out I had won I felt a great relief that my money can go further towards the next show! I have spent the voucher on a train booking to London to catch a live show at Wembley in October which will feel even better knowing I haven’t spent a fortune to get there!”

Ajay Anderson who made good use of the free travel offered by the scheme said, “I was planning on going to loads of events this summer so when I saw Aitch’s post about offering free travel, I had to jump at the opportunity. When I won I was gassssed! I don’t win many things so wasn’t expecting to get hold of one.”
Ajay was able to attend the first Notting Hill Carnival to take place on London’s streets since 2019 as the event was cancelled two years in a row due to the pandemic. A key highlight in the UK’s event calendar, Notting Hill Carnival also doubles as a poignant celebration of Black Caribbean culture.

“It was such a sick experience,” said Ajay.

Another winner, Ruairidh Gillies, added, “I entered the Aitch-S2 scheme because it appealed to me that there was such an amazing thing happening that helps so many people living in the UK that might struggle with travel over the summer / in general. When I won, I couldn’t actually believe it, I thought it was a scam at first, but it wasn’t! I was shocked and surprised that I had actually been chosen!

“I have used my voucher throughout the end of summer travelling around my local areas as well as to a nearby concert by Aitch himself! Thank you too Aitch x Relentless for this opportunity, I will never forget how helpful you’ve been.”

On the success of the scheme, Aitch said, “Amazing to see all the young people that got to events around the UK this summer with the Aitch-S2! Hearing some great stories of how the winners were able to experience music outside of their cities, which is so important”.

For the final leg of the journey, Aitch’s face will once again be appearing on millions of limited edition cans across the nation. The purchase of one of these cans comes with the chance to win a backstage experience at Aitch’s headline Manchester show and hang out with the man himself. Don’t sleep on this one!