Exclusives 19 September 2019

GRM Exclusive: 11 Hardest Bars from ‘Aitch2o’

19 September 2019

This year could most certainly be described as Aitch’s year, with three tracks in the UK top ten in one week as well selling out tours and rapidly becoming the UK’s most loved rapper; Aitch is here for the long run. Known for his confident charisma which radiates humour and cheekiness, Aitch brings something new to each feature and track that he drops.

With the recent release of his highly anticipated EP, Aitch2O, we delve deep into the eight-tracks and take a look at 11 of Aitch’s hardest bars throughout the project.


“All these trappers started rapping
Now they’re rappers, they ain’t trapping
But they still won’t admit that they’re leavin’ the trap (No way)”




Known for his honesty and transparency, reminding us that he’s not about that lifestyle, Aitch is quick to send shots at those who aren’t willing to admit that they gave up their trapping lifestyles for their music careers. Recently there’s been a rise in the number of rappers trading their trapping ways for record deals, but Aitch shines a light on those who continue to rap about their old ways.


It’s like I’m puttin’ in a shift, tryna pull another chick
But I’m pushin’ it a bit, I keep lookin’ at her tits
She’s lookin’ at me pissed, said I’m a funny little shit
And if she got a sweet tooth, I’m pouring honey on my-, uh




Aitch has become known for his playful lyricism regarding his relations with the opposite sex, he leaves little to the imagination on the opening bars of the first track on the EP. 


“Yeah, you can say you’re the guy if you think you’re the guy but really I doubt it
Yeah, you can chat ’bout your gal but I seen your gal and put it where her mouth is”


“What’s Next”


Making it obvious from the get-go that he’s a ladies man, Aitch continuously makes it clear that he’s not bothered if he takes anyone’s girl. Also making it clear that he’s the main guy in the scene right now, he’s got it all to play for.


But we gotta do it quick, her mates wait in the car
Uh, said I get her excited
My accent she like it, her body the nicest
Sit down bill a kush cake and ignite it
Go grab me a bottle, don’t care what the price is




Aitch teams up with Tyreezy on this infectious bouncy smash. Aitch flexes effortlessly as ever over the instrumental, as he details some of his exploits since tasting success. 


“I’m not lookin’ to get nicked so I ain’t tryna hit the block
And from a kid, I always knew, I wasn’t gonna get a job”


“2 G’s”


Aitch had his intentions set clear from a young age, he knew that he didn’t want to go down an illegal route in life, but also knew that the 9-5 lifestyle wasn’t for him. It seems that music was his only path in life.


“See my freestyle with Kenny and now she want to taste

Obviously she hasn’t heard “Wait” because she wanna date (Wait)”


“2 G’s”


His freestyle on Kenny Allstar’s Radio 1Xtra show was one of Aitch’s stand out career moments to date. Flexing his Manchester accent and charismatic bars, the freestyle has racked up almost 7 million views. Also referring back to his recent Top 10 track “Taste (Make It Shake”) and one of his earlier tracks “Wait” – Aitch knows how strong his back catalogue of freestyles and tracks is.


“I was pullin’ up to studio, I duppy it and dip
Had to cut a lotta people, they were fuckin’ with my shit”


“2 G’s”


Confirming that he’s selective with the people he works with in the studio, it’s well known that Aitch keeps his circle tight. From producers to videographers and his day-to-day team, Aitch has stayed loyal to his Manchester roots.


“You’ll soon change your mind if you doubt me
Imagine a playlist without me”


“Aeroplane Mode”


Aitch has been dominating the playlists in 2019, whether this be radio play listing, music channels or streaming platforms – from being on the front cover of Spotify’s Rap UK playlist to A-List’s on Radio 1Xtra, to hear a playlist without an Aitch feature you would have to imagine it.


“Aitch, I tell the truth, I’m just in love with different women
Never go on dates, I’m sorry, I’m not really in it”


“Buss Down”


Aitch has of course got his fair pick of women with his thriving career, but he’s making sure that people know he’s not ready to settle down, he likes to keep his options open.


“Yeah, skrrt round like it’s Nascar
Moving like a trap star, Cali in a glass jar”



Aitch has already made it clear that he’s not about the trapping life, but that doesn’t stop him from moving like that. Referring to the infamous Nascar stock-car racing, Aitch is quick to be in and out and of a motive.


“It’s crazy how I’m living, might have lost a couple screws
Blowing clouds up in the room now I’m off into the moon”


“Taste (Make It Shake)”

Whilst referring to the act of getting high, Aitch also knows that he’s on his journey to the top of the music game. From the top of the charts, to awards shows and much more, he knows that he’s one of the biggest artists in the UK right now.