News 17 March 2017
Author: Cam Donald

AJ Tracey & Dave talk SXSW with Julie Adenuga

Author Cam Donald
17 March 2017

“Thiago Silva” collaborators AJ Tracey and Dave recently sat down with Julie Adenuga, live from Austin, to talk all things SXSW and their joint US/Canada tour.

Julie quizzed the two on their knowledge of each other’s pet peeves, with Dave revealing, “AJ Tracey doesn’t like when you give him banter back… he just likes to give banter.”

AJ Tracey replied by saying “Dave is unsmokable” before following up with “You know this is like free entertainment for our managers?!”

The interview is filled with back and forth between the two, but also sees the two MCs shed light on how they’re aiming to make an impact at SXSW by impressing the American audience. 

You can watch the video for the pair’s track “Thiago Silva” here.