News 2 November 2016
Author: Cam Donald

Breaking Down AJ Tracey’s ‘Lil Tracey’ Cover Art

Author Cam Donald
2 November 2016

Winner of the Rated Award’s Best Breakthrough AJ Tracey has recently announced the release of his new EP Lil Tracey (due out December 2nd) and revealed the dope artwork that’s to release alongside it. 

Just from the cover art we are able to get an insightful look into what sort of subjects and topics AJ is going to be working with on the project:


AJ won big at the Rated Awards and has made space on his artwork to show his appreciation for the nomination and win. The fact that this appears so prominently on the cover almost suggests that AJ is putting on for the whole scene and everyone that’s been supporting him over the last few years with the release of this highly anticipated EP.


Just like at the Rated Awards, AJ has been nominated for Best Newcomer at the MOBO Awards, also picking up a nomination for Best Grime Act. This is a huge step forward for Tracey as he prepares to close off the most successful year of his career so-far. 


Also very prominently featured on the artwork is a figure in a bikini, which is positioned nearby to a broken heart. It’ll be interesting to hear some more sensitive stuff from AJ on this record and I’m sure we’re going to be treated to his versatility as an artist – the broken heart on the cover is a very bold move and opens AJ up more than a lot of grime artists in terms of softer subject matter. Shout out to all the peach emojis too.


A lot of food can be seen on the cover, including a burrito, pizza and a burger. Maybe this has something to do with the Dutch flag in the top left corner of the artwork – perhaps AJ’s ready to drop some mad funny bars about getting the munchies in ‘Dam? A roll of the dice in terms of speculation, but it wouldn’t surprise us!



The Spurs logo is a little harder to pick out, despite being quite large, but it suggests that AJ’s ready to rep for his team, Ladbroke Grove might be where he resides, but it’s Spurs that he supports.


Word to Pablo, it’s likely that AJ Tizzy is cooking up something as potent as cocaine. Perhaps the Columbian flag is a reference to that? 


AJ Tracey has added to recent speculation linking him with A$AP Mob, putting on for them in the cover art. This comes only two months after dropping a killer verse on a Clams Casino remix that features A$AP Mob frontman and Long.Live.A$AP rapper, A$AP Rocky. Perhaps the crew make a surprise appearance?

AJ Tizzy recently dropped the visuals for new track “Buster Cannon” from the EP, which you can check out here.