Interviews Newgen News 6 December 2016
Author: Dani

AJ Tracey takes over #NewGenRadio

Author Dani
6 December 2016

Following the release of Lil Tracey, we hear AJ Tracey talk to Caroline SM on NewGenRadio about a number of different topics, including his recent global tour.

AJ mentions that there’s no guarantee of a good show when as far afield as Asia, yet the assumption that the further from London you are, the less guarantee there is of a good crowd, is proven wrong by the sick shows he had in Seoul and Tokyo. We also hear him speak about why he hasn’t followed Drake back on Instagram, and the mentality behind not following everyone back.

Catch his two hour #NewGenRadio takeover below, and tell us what you think, or listen to Buster Cannon here.

AJ’s Playlist:

1: Youngs Tef & 86 – “Wings & Fries”
2: TG & Miz – “No Stallin”
3: P Money – “Gun Fingers”
4: Nines – “Tap Dat”
5: Santan Dave – “6 Paths”
6: Section Boyz – “Worst”