News 29 March 2023

Akademiks calls out J. Cole, Drake & Kendrick Lamar in online tirade

29 March 2023

DJ Akademiks has long been a figure of controversy in the US rap scene and he’s made headlines again this week with a controversial take.

During one of his live streams, he took some time to call out a number of high-profile rappers and their alleged non-support of hip-hop media.

He said, “Yo J. Cole and the rest of y’all big rappers, no wonder y’all get shitted on by hip-hop outlets man… They use the culture and they use all these blogs, not saying you need to like, I don’t care if they do an interview with me, but I know a lot of journalists in the game and they won’t speak up and a lot of ’em still really hope to get an interview. I say fuck all these n*ggas.

“I just look at n*ggas like J. Cole, when I see you doing some shit on ESPN but you wont do an interview with a n*gga in the culture, you won’t hop on Million Dollaz Worth of Game, you won’t hop on motherf*cking Drink Champs, you won’t be with Joe Budden or something like that. I look at it as some weird shit.”

He didn’t just have his sights on J. Cole though, even taking aim at some of his top-tier colleagues in the game.

“Most of these n*ggas don’t wanna be asked real questions,” he continued, “That’s the main thing. Once you get to a certain level you get to control the narrative.

“If Kendrick don’t wanna fuck with you, tell that n*gga to kick rocks! I don’t wanna beg for no n*gga to give me no interview… They’re gonna go to some whitewashed outlet and go sit with some random n*gga or some random white dude and not talk to you.”

While none of the rappers in his crosshairs have responded, nor are they expected to, do you think Akademiks has a point?

[Image via YouTube / @KingAkademiks]