News Videos 18 March 2019
Author: Aaron Rattu

Watch Akala Discuss Knife Crime in the UK On ‘Good Morning Britain’

Author Aaron Rattu
18 March 2019

On another edition of ITV’s breakfast show Good Morning Britain, rapper and political activist Akala joins the desk once again to discuss some more issues which young people in the country are currently facing.

This time, Akala speaks in depth upon the recent rise in knife crime within London and whether or not race is a major influencing factor in the dramatic rise.

Speaking on behalf of a lot of young people who do not have a platform to express themselves and represent their own demographic, Akala has used his influence on a number of national television shows – such as Channel 4 news – offering his views and researched facts.

On this occasion, he debates and discusses the stigma behind the term “Knife Crime”with Piers Morgan, expressing that it has essentially become a racial slur, linking all attacks to young black males in the capital.

In his explanation Akala explains how certain demographics are unfairly represented in comparison to other ethnic groups in various different parts of the country where crime rates and just as high, and at times more severe.

Check out Akala’s appearance on Good Morning Britain above.