News 23 April 2021
Author: Courtney W

Akala Releases His Debut Novel ‘The Dark Lady’

23 April 2021

The award-winning rapper, author and activist Akala has gifted us with his first ever novel!

Titled The Dark Lady, this book is aimed at teens and young adults and immerses readers into a narrative set in Shakespearean London. The book follows 15-year-old orphan Henry who is haunted by dreams of The Dark Lady.

“Henry is an orphan, an outsider, a thief,” the synopsis reads. “He is also a fifteen-year-old invested with magical powers.”

“This brilliant, at times brutal, first novel from the amazing imagination that is Akala, will glue you to your seat as you are hurled into a time when London stank and boys like Henry were forced to find their own route through the tangled streets and out the other side.”

While The Dark Lady may be Akala’s debut novel, it’s definitely not his first time in the book publishing field as he’s already released books such as his children’s book You Can do Anything (Hip and Hop) as well as his Sunday Times bestseller, Natives: Race & Class In The Ruins Of Empire.

The Dark Lady is out now and for more information on where to buy the book, click here.