News 7 June 2020

Akon teases “Locked Up” remix featuring 6ix9ine

7 June 2020

6ix9ine, one of hip-hop’s most polarising figures, has just teased his new track – a remix of Akon’s track “Locked Up”.

Originally released in 2004, the track spoke from the perspective of an incarcerated male as he narrated his struggle to stay on the right side of the law. 

Now, 6ix9ine has taken his own spin on the track with Akon’s blessing – detailing his own issues with the law which have of course been highly publicised. 

This collaboration comes after Akon’s infamous interview where he defended 6ix9ine’s decision to inform on his friends and co-conspirators. 

Others in hip-hop were not as supportive and have branded the colourful haired rapper a “rat”. 

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Being Locked up can really change your prospective in life. Ask @6ix9ine #lockedup Coming Soon!

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No release date has been revealed yet but fans may have to wait a while as 6ix9ine’s single “Trollz” is still yet to drop despite it being promised last week.