News 5 April 2015

Updated: All you need to know about the Grime beef so far

5 April 2015

Tinie Tempah, Chip, Big Narstie, Bugzy Malone, Devilman, Saskilla and Skepta. Seven names never mentioned together in a blog post til now, and why? Because they’ve sent social media into a frenzy as the shots fly back and forth in the name of lyrical warfare, as the genre goes from strength to strength, capitalising on its own nostalgia and almost bringing us back to the War Report days.

How it all started…

Tinie Tempah – Fire In The Booth

“Hope you made a little money in your little careers, you man ain’t relevant no more your fans ain’t missed you in years” – the bars Chip felt were directed to his label situation. This is what primarily sparked all of the dubs flying around right now. When Tinie dropped this there was little controversy surrounding the Fire In The Booth, however what has consequently followed made this freestyle that extra bit more important.

Chip – Fire In The Booth

The Tottenham MC made it very clear why he was in 1xtra that night, a year later. Chip voiced his opinion on Tinie, feeling that direct shots were made to him and even going as far as calling out Tinie to an impromptu clash whenever they meet next… Even if it’s on the red carpet at an awards show. ALSO Mr Munk used the opportunity to make a PSA, stating that anyone can get it, if they come for the kid.

Twitter went into an uproar with notable industry heads such as DJ Cameo, Devilman and Saskilla all airing their opinions on Chip and the issue.

Big Narstie – Charlie Sloth Interview

After the Fire In The Booth from Chip, opinions were split, some welcomed his reawakening with open arms stating that music beef is an integral part of the culture and genre, whilst others felt it was an attempt to jump on the bandwagon due to some of his words/actions as he was on the rise. A few hoped Tinie would respond (he hasn’t… yet).

But someone who did have an opinion was Uncle Pain, and anyone who’s been locked into his agony aunt web-series knows how valuable his opinion is. Big Narstie breaks down why he feels a Chip is in fact on the bandwagon, and gave us insight to his own situation, being overlooked and having to grind it out till Grime was back at the forefront.

Bugzy Malone – Fire In The Booth

Manchester’s very own entered the fray with straight bars, going directly at Chip, taking the open invitation for any MC who wants it. Bugzy Malone goes in on the second half of the Fire In The Booth, being the third MC to comment on past situations with labels and creative direction.

Chip – Pepper Riddim

After all the mayhem Chip had silently gone back to the lab, leaving twitter heads to bicker amongst themselves and evaluate the current situation. Then this happened, “Pepper Riddim”. After being called out for not putting his feelings in the music, the self proclaimed “Grime scene saviour” did just that. Calling out Bugzy Malone as the new kid on the block whilst telling Big Narstie to “fry in his own grease”. Also a lyric that didn’t get much attention was the comparing of Chip and Bugzy to Skepta and Devliman…

Devilman – Chip Diss

A veteran in the Grime scene, earning his stripes on the early LOTM DVD going head to head with Skepta, he was already someone not be taken lightly. With explicit lyrics (too explicit to quote) and his skippy flows he definitely reminded people why he has been a problem, and to no surprise, a few jabs at the BBK camp and Skeppy were made.

Saskilla – Chip Off My Shoulder

Saskilla was next with his “Chip Off My Shoulder” diss premiered by DJ Cameo on 1xtra… obviously.

Bugzy Malone – Relegation Riddim

Holding fort, Bugzy Malone headed to Tottenham to film an entire diss track, “Relegation Riddim”, which is now for sale on iTunes. Talk about seizing the moment.

Skepta – #Nasty

So now we are all left wondering, how will Chip get back to all these responses? Pepper Riddim Part 2 or ? Before it had time to pan out, Skepta flew down from the Grime heavens with a reply to Devilman. Starting with the line “I don’t know why Chip mentioned my name, but Devilman is tryna get attention again.” You can read in between the lines how you want with that one.

Devilman – Skepta Diss

Less than 24 hours after Skepta’s 2am diss track was released into the Grimey world wide web did Devilman fire back with a new diss, hitting back at just about every point made by the North London MC.

Chip – The End

With too many shots flying Chp’s way, there was only one thing to do, attempt to kill all the birds with one stone. As he did on Pepper Riddim. This time round the Morgan Keyz directed video see’s Chip in the comfort of his own, attempting to bring some clarity to the so called “Chatty Patty” (one being the controversial rumour surrounding the details of Chris Browns feature on Champion).

Shizz McNaughty – Baz Of The Week (Saskilla response)

IT’S A BAZ! Shizz is one name that has been in the mix from very early in Narstie’s Uncle Pain. However the E3 MC kept a low profile, but a series of tweets between himself and Saskilla forced him to enter the madness. Now a Blay produced instrumental see’s Shizz going in on the NuBrandFlexxx MC.

Surely you have been entertained? Stay up to date with how the tale with inevitably unfold, right here on GRM Daily.

Words: @upintheV / @140Henney