News 3 August 2020
Author: Courtney W

Amazon Reportedly Set To Open 30 Checkout-Free Stores In The UK

3 August 2020

Amazon is reportedly gearing up to open 30 physical stores across the UK that won’t have checkouts.

According to the Sunday Times, the retailer has struck a deal to open 10 Amazon Go stores across the UK and are in talks to open a further 20. It has also been reported that discussions are ongoing.

It is believed customers will be able to enter the shops using the Amazon Go App, with Amazon keeping track of what they’re buying. Customers are then charged by the items in the basket as they exit the store.

Although there won’t be any checkouts, there will be Amazon staff in-store to assist customers and replenish stock.

If discussions are successful, the reported shops will be the first Amazon Go stores in the UK following the opening of the first ever Amazon Go in Seattle, Washington in 2018.

Each store in the U.S. is mainly made up of fresh food products.