News 25 August 2021

Ambush Joins DJ Firestarr On Latest Instalment Of ‘Influential Records’

25 August 2021

DJ Firestarr has released a brand-new episode of his Influential Records series!

On Influential Records DJ Firestarr sits down with some of the biggest names in the game to discuss the artists and tracks that influenced them and chopping it up on this one is Buzzworl’s Ambush.

After speaking on how his huge track “Jumpy” came about, Buzzworl goes on to discuss his most influential records; listing Kano’s “P’s & Q’s”, Marques Houston’s “Clubbin”, Giggs’ “More Maniacs” and more.

We also hear Ambush speak on his 2020 mixtape Ask My Brother and why he feels it didn’t get the recognition it deserved.

“I’m defo under-rated,” he says”. “I don’t feel like it positioned where it was suppose to chart-wise but there is lots of different reasons for that.

“I’m an independent artist so its like I’m just building myself, taking all the steps myself so sometimes I might make mistakes promotions wise. Or I might not have the infrastructure a lot of these artists do with the major labels so I don’t have the push so it might not be reaching as far as it should.”

Take in the episode in full below!