Music Videos 26 February 2016
Author: Elle SM

American YouTuber TooBlunt films his reaction to Ghetts Daily Duppy

Author Elle SM
26 February 2016

If you haven’t come across Stateside YouTuber TooBlunt yet, you’ve been missing out.

Having discovered the realms of grime and UK music, TooBlunt decided to set up his own YouTube filming his reactions to some of our country’s greatest lyricists and his enthusiasm is just amazing.

In his latest video, TooBlunt shows us his reaction to watching/hearing our first Daily Duppy of 2016 from Ghetts (only after showing us he’s memorised half of Ghetts’ recent “Risky Roadz Freestyle 2016“). Leaving this message in the video description, “Listening to Ghetts Daily Duppy. I WAS NOT READY. Had to reload it a few times. The Consistency of his Lyrics does not fall. How can you Rate Future/Young Thug and say Ghetts is trash because you don’t understand him? Don’t confuse Ear Candy with real lyrics.”, his reaction is priceless.

Glad you enjoyed it TooBlunt, we look forward to seeing your reactions to the rest of this year’s Daily Duppy series *insert eyes emoji*.

If you missed Ghetts Daily Duppy you can catch the full video (minus reaction) here.