News 4 August 2023

Andrew Tate freed from house arrest in Romania

4 August 2023
andrew tate

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate has been granted freedom from house arrest in Romania while awaiting trial on rape and human trafficking charges.

The court’s decision allows them to move freely within Bucharest and the surrounding Ilfov district, where they reside. However, they are required to comply with strict conditions, including reporting to the police as ordered and notifying them of any address changes.

The accused must also refrain from contacting their Romanian associates, witnesses, alleged victims, or their families to avoid further repercussions.

Alongside his brother Tristan, the pair were arrested in March and officially charged in June, both denying any wrongdoing.

The judge will closely monitor compliance with these conditions over the next 60 days, ensuring the accused adhere to the stipulated restrictions.

A spokesperson for the brothers said, “We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the Romanian judicial system for their fair consideration.

“This positive outcome gives us confidence that more favourable developments are on the horizon.”

The indictment alleges that the Tate brothers and two female Romanian associates formed an organised criminal group in 2021 to carry out human trafficking, not only in Romania but also in other countries, including the US and the UK. The charges include recruiting seven alleged victims under false promises of love and marriage.

Andrew Tate and his online presence has fuelled controversy, with Twitter having banned him for making statements suggesting women should bear some responsibility for sexual assault, although he has since been reinstated.

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