News 27 October 2015
Author: Marisa Lee

Andy Carroll vs. drunk Chelsea fan after 2-1 win

Author Marisa Lee
27 October 2015

West Ham striker Andy Carroll is alleged to have got in a row with a “drunk Chelsea fan” in a Japanese restaurant in Canary Wharf on Sunday night, after his team beat Chelsea 2-1.

He was dining with friends at Roka when an argument began, causing his security guards  to intervene.

A diner who witnessed the incident told The Sun: “A man, who was in a group of Chelsea fans, tried to go up and kiss him, which led to a skirmish.

“Carroll hadn’t even had food or a drink at that point when the hammered geezer started giving him sh*t.”

A member of staff also confirmed the incident to the paper, telling them, “It happened between 5pm and 5.30pm as they were sitting down to eat,” they said. “His personal security guards broke up the fight.”