News 23 November 2016
Author: Trudy Barry

Football paedophile scandal that’s “worse than Savile” on the horizon

Author Trudy Barry
23 November 2016

Former professional footballer, Andy Woodward, has appeared on television this morning to drop an absolute bomb. He claims that back when he was first starting out in football, child rape and molestation was rife.

He also stated that during his time at Crewe Alexandra he was molested multiple times by the team’s then scout and coach, Barry Bennell, who is currently in prison for sexual offences against young boys. The abuse took place when Woodward was training at the club in the 1980s.

Woodward broke the news publicly at the beginning of the week, and when he appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning, claimed that six more victims have come forward in that time. He even told how some victims were coming directly to him in fear of approaching the police, and that some of the stories he was hearing were “horrendous”.

Host Pierce Morgan brought up the similarities between the case and that of the Jimmy Savile-spurned Operation Yewtree back in 2013, in which it is thought there are over 300 victims. Woodward confidently replied, “It’s potentially worse than that.”

Former England player Paul Stewert has also come forward about the abuse he suffered between the ages of 11 and 15 by a youth coach. Speaking to the Mirror, Stewert says his abuser “said he would kill my mother, my father, my two brothers if I breathed a word about it. And at 11 years old, you believe that.”

Cheshire Police have confirmed that they are indeed investigating all claims.