News 6 April 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Did Ashley Walters just announce Top Boy season 3?!

6 April 2016

In a moment that seemed like it would never happen, but yet also felt inevitable, it seems like Ashley Walters has just announced that Top Boy will be back for a third season.

Taking to Instagram, Ashley said in a video, “Oh my god man say address this Top Boy thing. I’m putting up posts talking about deep stuff that means a lot to me and people are just like, ‘When’s season 3 of Top Boy?’. I love you and that… and it’s coming real soon.”

The critically acclaimed drama was a ratings hit on Channel 4 and has continued to grow in popularity after landing on Netflix. It stars So Solid Crew pioneer Ashley Walters (aka Asher D) and Kane Robinson (aka Kano) in the lead roles, with a few familiar faces peppered through out it’s two season run. Bashy, Sway, Giggs and Scorcher all also made appearences.

One massive fan of the show, that may just be partly responsible for the latest wave of interest in Top Boy, is of course Drake, who has made no secret of his love for the show. Is Drizzy behind the news? Whatever is going on, we’re sure to keep you updated.

It looks like it’s official Top Boy season 3! ???????????? courtesy of @ashleywalters82

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