News 26 February 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

There’s another storm coming to the UK next week

Author Trudy Barry
26 February 2017

Last week Storm Doris took everyone by surprise when she actually came through with some mad winds that shut down most of London’s tube stations and even killed a woman in Wolverhampton.

The Met Office has issued a yellow alert for the upcoming cold snap, stating that the Northern part of the country will be experiencing “very strong winds”.

Now it seems that the UK is in for more crazy winds with another storm hitting us in the first half of next week. An official weather report is stating that the UK will be hit by extreme wind, heavy rain and ice in the next few days. The Guardian reports that we could be seeing winds up to 60mph across the country with the Northern part of England and Scotland seeing 2cm of snow.

Thankfully we’ll start to see the weather pick up in the second half of the week. Forecaster Marco Petagna has said, “The first half of the week will be cold and windy, it will start to turn milder for the second half of the week.”

This next-weather based whirlwind has been dubbed Storm Ewan in Ireland, though it’s not categorised as severe enough to warrant a name in England just yet.

Hopefully the country will be slightly more prepared for the bad weather this time around.