News 29 June 2017

Anthony Joshua sets record straight on converting to Islam

29 June 2017

It was recently suggested that Anthony Joshua is “close to becoming a Muslim” but now the heavyweight champion has cleared up this claim in a brand-new interview.

Speaking to iFL TV, Joshua said “I am not a Muslim but I respect Muslims and appreciate Muslims”.

Joshua’s statement comes just over a week after a video surfaced online of AJ speaking with a young man in which the man states Anthony Joshua is “close to becoming a Muslim”. Joshua didn’t respond to the claim in the video and this led many to believe it was true.

However, AJ has put an end to speculation in his new iFL interview. “Sometimes silence is the best answer” he says, “you can’t always believe what you hear”.

In his new interview with iFL, AJ explains that the encounter happened following his visit to the Kensington area where the boxer went to pay his respects to victims of the Grenfell Tower.

As well as using the interview to address the false claim, AJ also refers to his rematch against Wladimir Klitschko which is likely to take place in November. “What I’m close to is a Klitschko fight. That’s where my heart lies at the minute”.

Check out AJ’s interview with iFL TV above.