News 26 September 2021

Anthony Joshua to reportedly rematch Oleksandr Usyk

26 September 2021
anthony joshua

Anthony Joshua has lost his highly anticipated fight against Oleksandr Usyk.

Taking place at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the fight was a disappointing result for Joshua fans but the boxer will reportedly ask for a rematch according to Eddie Hearn.

He told Sky Sports, “The fighter in AJ is already talking about, ‘I’ll win the rematch, I’ll win the rematch.’

“It was a tough defeat. Usyk was the deserved winner and he’s got to make changes in the rematch. He will want to go straight back into that rematch, he will be the underdog in the rematch this time after that tonight, but that’s what he does.”

In an interview with BBC Radio Five Live, Eddie Hearn said: “When he lost in New York everyone started analysing the dressing room, the ring walk.

“He was fine, he was maybe a little too relaxed on the ring walk, he was shaking everyone’s hand, he was hugging a few people that is just AJ but I feel it was the wrong type of performance. Sometimes you have to use your attributes.

“AJ never really got going, he will go to the hospital now, I don’t know if he has broken his eye socket, it doesn’t look great.

“You could make any manner of excuse but he got beat by the better man. Sometimes you have to take it on the chin, when you lose you shake someone’s hand and say congratulations and say you will come back stronger.”

Speaking on Instagram, Joshua said, *Keep positive even if the world’s crumbling in front of you! London I love you & thank you each and every time!”

(Image Credit: Huw Fairclough via Shutterstock)