News 24 January 2019
Author: Alice Moodle

Guess which track Anthony Joshua has chosen for his next ring walk?

24 January 2019

With Anthony Joshua due to make big decisions this weekend about which opponent he will fight for his next world heavyweight title, all eyes are very much on him.

The unified British champion needs to finalise plans with Eddie Hearn on whether he’ll rematch Whyre, take on Fury in London or fly over to the states to make his US debut against Miller in summer.

But whats a bigger decision that all of this? The track he will choose for his next ring walk.

After posting videos of himself training in the gym and a protein fuelled meal onto his snapchat story he followed it with an Apple Music screenshot of the Russ’ “Gun Lean”.

Captioning the screenshot with “Next Ring Walk… COMMMEEE ONNNNN”, it looks like whichever fighting decision he makes, he’s got the track ready to lead him there.

He also took some digs at some his rivals in the sport, labelling the puppets featured on the artwork as Dillian Whyte, Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder and Jarrell Miller.