News 3 May 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

GRM Exclusive: Anthony Joshua has increased Skrapz’s streaming numbers by a crazy amount

3 May 2017

Fans of Skrapz, Ice City Boys and UK rap music generally were overly gassed on Saturday night, when Anthony Joshua walked to the ring to the sound of the rapper.

Before he beat Wladimir Kitschko, the rising boxing star had Skrapz’s street anthem “They Ain’t Ready” blaring over the PA to gas him and the crowd up.

Now GRM Daily can exclusively reveal just how much of an effect that co-sign had on streaming numbers for Skrapz.

The latest streaming figures show “They Ain’t Ready” has received a 760% increase in streams since it was featured in Anthony Joshua’s ring walk on Saturday.

The initial spike happened immediately after the fight, although its popularity has continued to grow since and has seen Skrapz gain thousands of new listeners on Spotify. It’s currently his second most streamed song on the service, after “Round Here” featuring Giggs.

Austin Daboh, Senior Editor at Spotify, said, “Skrapz has a loyal following of listeners on Spotify and is a regular feature on key playlists such as Rap UK.

“Seeing a much-deserved artist gain a whole new audience from this special moment is a great feeling and everyone at Spotify is looking forward to hearing some new fire!”

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