News 19 July 2020
Author: Kafui Mensah

Over 100 anti-face mask protesters gathered in Hyde Park to stage a demonstration

19 July 2020

100+ anti-mask protesters gathered in Hyde Park to protest the announcement that masks will become mandatory from the 24th of July – with a £100 fine to those who do not comply with the new rules.

With England following in Scotland’s footsteps regarding face mask restrictions, many took to the streets to make their stance.

A significant amount of anti-mask demonstrators could be seen wearing either ripped up masks exposing their mouths or carrying signs, with one reading, “I will not be masked, tested, tracked or poisoned. This will not be my new normal” and one man wearing a t-shirt the read, “SAVE HUMAN RIGHTS, NO TO 5G, NO TO VACCINATIONS.”

Sky News went on to interview one of the organisers of the demonstration, Leah Butler-Smith and she told reporters, “Shopworkers who are being exposed to the public all the time don’t have to wear them but the person going into the shop is expected to wear it. It just doesn’t make any sense. You can be in the same venue and be told not wear it and then told to.”

The movement went on to face heavy backlash online with many questioning the protester’s beliefs and lack of scientific evidence for their stance.

Soooo, demonstrators gathered in Hyde Park to protest against the use of masks, claiming that mandatory use of masks is all part of an agenda, claiming that this is against human rights. They are anti-mask as well as anti-vaccine *sighs. This level of idiocy is beyond belief.

Take in footage of the protest below.