News 18 August 2020

Apple Renames ‘Beats 1’ To ‘Apple Music 1’ & Launches 2 New Radio Stations

18 August 2020

Apple has now announced a new name for its Beats 1 radio station, as well as launching two new stations.

As of today (August 18), Apple’s flagship radio station Beats 1 will be re-named Apple Music 1 but will remain the centre for pop culture music and conversations, led by presenters such as Zane Lowe, Ebro Darden, Dotty, Rebecca Judd and many more.

In addition to the name change, Apple have also launched two new stations: Apple Music Hits and Apple Music Country.

We can expect to hear the biggest songs from the 80s, 90s and noughties on Apple Music Hits while Apple Music Country will offer “a mix of the best [country] music of today while introducing fans to the stars of tomorrow and reminding them of the legendary artists and tracks that have shaped and defined country music along the way.”

Talking on Apple Music, Zane Lowe – Apple Music’s global creative director and host – said: “Apple Music is home — it’s home to artists, it’s home to fans, and it’s home to incredible music.

“I’m an obsessive music nerd. I love searching for the most exciting new artists and playing them right alongside the most essential, established artists of our time, because great music does not know the difference and Apple Music fans just want to hear great music. That’s what Apple Music Radio is all about.”

For more information on the new Apple Music updates, click here.