News 25 March 2019
Author: Courtney W

Apple Launches Credit Card & Brand-New Video Streaming Service

25 March 2019

Apple has just announced a brand-new credit card, a video streaming platform and more services which are expected to arrive very soon.

The new services were announced at a special event held by Apple which at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Silicon Valley today (March 25).

The “Apple Card” – which will be powered by iPhones – is a fully titanium credit card which will work alongside the Wallet where users can pay with their device as long as their card has been added to it. However, now, Apple will issue credit cards to users too.

Apple have said the card will have no late fees, annual fees, international fees or over-limit fees.

To rival the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, Apple have also reportedly invested billions into a new video subscription service –  Apple TV+ – to create original TV shows for the platform. The app will be available on non-Apple devices such as Samsung, LG and more.

One of those shows include a project titled The Morning Show which will feature Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. Oprah Winfrey has allegedly signed with Apple to create an original show for the new platform.

During the special event, the tech giant also announced its new news subscription service, Apple News+.

Apple News was first launched in 2015 but now on Apple News+, Apple plan on charging users to read content from various newspapers and magazines on its subscription service. Apple News+ is roughly £7.50 per month and is available immediately in the U.S. and Canada.

The announcements didn’t stop there as Apple also unveiled “Apple Arcade” – a subscription-based gaming service for iOS, Mac and Apple TV.

Apple Arcade will be available in the AppStore in 150 countries from Autumn.