News 10 September 2019
Author: Vince

Apple Unveils 3 New iPhones

10 September 2019

Apple went release crazy at its latest event revealing not one, but three new iPhones!

The tech giants revealed the new devices alongside  the latest Apple Watch and other new streaming and digital products.

The iPhone 11 will be released in three versions (11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max) in a variety of colours. The new series will have the iPhone’s first ever pro model, a premium version of the handset.

The Pro features the now famous “bowling ball” lenses, a placement of three lenses on the rear facing camera, and super XDR retina display.

Apple adds another update to the photography capabilities by enabling slow mo capture on the front facing camera. Users will be able to create slow-mo selfies of ‘slowfies’ as they were referred to at the Apple event.

It’s not just the cameras that have had a revamp, the new model boasts an additional hour of battery life to the XR. The 11 Pro has additional four hours to the XS.

The price for the newest handset starts from £729 and the pro from £1049 and are available for pre-order in the U.S from Friday.