News 15 March 2022

New Apple iOS 15.4 Update Offers New Emojis & Option To Use Face ID With A Mask On

15 March 2022
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The new Apple iOS 15.4 update is here featuring new emojis and the ability to use Face ID whilst wearing a face mask.

iOS 15.4 includes 37 new emojis such as beans, pregnant men, a melted face, more gender-neutral emojis, sports equipment, dual-toned handshakes/high fives and more.

To the delight of many, iOS 15.4 will also allow individuals to use Face ID whilst wearing a mask or face covering.

As learning to live with COVID-19 and social distancing becomes our new normal following two years of disruption caused by the global pandemic, many were frustrated by the minor yet significant shortfall of the ID system which could not recognise you if you wore a mask.

Face ID is now used for Apple Pay and most security verifications on the iPhone. This means that many customers find it difficult to use Face ID to pay for items without removing their face-covering in stores where mask-wearing is mandatory.

Now the face recognition system has been formatted to allow your phone to be unlocked using the recognition of the unique features around your eyes as opposed to your entire face.

Apple warns that it will not be as accurate as the original identification system and offers iPhone users the choice of remaining with the original Face ID formatting or upgrading to the newer mask-supporting option.

The new features will only be available for iPhone 12s and later, meaning that owners of older models will not be able to use the new mask supporting ID system. Older iPhone models do have the ability to allow Face ID to be used if an individual is wearing a mask – there is the caveat however that said user is wearing an Apple Watch.

Also promised by Apple is an all-new Apple Card widget and Universal Control system.

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