Exclusives 1 April 2021
Author: Mehul Bhatt

GRM Exclusive: 11 of the funniest parody rap tracks

Author Mehul Bhatt
1 April 2021
April Fools Day

Today being April Fools Day, GRM Daily looks back at some of the best UK parody rap songs that have graced the internet and have had us in stitches.

Big Shaq – “Mans Not Hot”

Michael Dapaah’s Big Shaq character arguably produced one of the hottest records towards the end of 2017 with “Mans Not Hot”, amassing over 300 million views on YouTube and impacting the charts all across Europe, this was a major achievement for the London comedian.

RS aka Roll Safe – Fire in the booth

This freestyle was a moment in the scene, R.S aka Roll Safe stepped into DJ Charlie Sloth’s Fire In The Booth, for this monumental freestyle which had the internet talking. Currently it has amassed over 11 million views on YouTube and is a character who shed a massive light on U.K comedy.  

Mandem On The Wall, A Squeezy and J Weezy – “Ain’t on Nuttin”

In 2014, Yungen and Sneakbo dropped their epic collaboration for “Ain’t On Nuttin”, the song was a huge success and had multiple remixes, one of which was this hilarious parody with Mandem On The Wall, A Squeezy and J Weezy. The trio all have various different flows and funny bars and even features Sneakbo in the video.

The Ultimate Otis

Sitting on just over 3.5k views, suggests just how many times this one has been taken down. It’s a remix of the legendary Jay and Kanye track “Otis” and features hilarious versions of some of our favourite MCs in the scene.

D Block European Union (
Munya Chawawa & Sideman)

Munya has undoubtedly been one of the funniest of the new generation of comedians that have come through. He’s been quick, and always on the pulse with current affairs. His collaborative effort with Sideman on this track was most certainly one of his best, writing a hilariously topical track on us leaving the EU.

Don’t Jealous Me – “Immigration” ft Bricka Bricka

Back in 2011 a young Don’t Jealous Me and Bricka Bricka teamed for this hilarious parody over Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation”, the duo rap about wanting to stay Britain and evading “Immigration” in this classic parody.

Shadrack And The Mandem– “Guns And Pork”

Before the likes of Big Shaq and RS, there was Shackrack and the Mandem. One of the most iconic early rap parody tracks, that is still incredibly funny a decade later! Look out for the Giggs cameo appearance. Perfect fodder for April Fools Day

Vuj, KSI, Klayze and JME– “Boris Bike”

Vuj, KSI, Klayze and JME take on Meridian Dan’s “German Whip” for this London remix, showcasing it’s very own Boris Bike. The video sees them pedalling through the streets of Central London flexing on their Boris Bikes, whilst spraying some bars with the record even catching the attention of national press.

Mandem On The Wall – “Know Me From”

Mandem On The Wall are a comedy collective comprising of Joivan Wade, Percelle Ascott and Dee Kaate. The trio featured on TV shows like “Youngers” before launching their own channel “Wall of Comedy” and one of the uploads was this brilliant parody of Stormzy’s “Know Me From”.

Bricka Bricka – “Immigrant Bling”

David Vujanic’s ‘Bricka Bricka’ dropped this hilarious parody back in 2015 when he remixed Drake’s “Hotline Bling”. We see Bricka Bricka showing off his dance moves and rapping about his work and immigration woes.

AfricanBoy – “Lidl”

A golden oldie. The video dropped way back in late 2006, but is still as funny now as it was back then. Definitely one of the earliest parody rap tracks, and was certainly a source of inspiration to many of the comedians that feature on this list.