News 20 May 2016

Are you really really from the endz? The best of #LondonCitizenshipTest

20 May 2016

We don’t know who came up with the #LondonCitizenshipTest but we salute you.

The hashtag will leave non-Londoner’s scratching their heads (see below) while us insiders are all cracking up at our Twitter timeline (sorry non-Londoners, it’s all love- honestly).

Check some of our favourite #LondonCitizenshipTest polls below and put your London Citizenship to the real test…

Those damn CCTV man. They’re f*cking everywhere.

Obviouslyyy *rolls eyes*



Who’s that chick that girl is a…

“What? You got all your straps done up? That’s moiiist fam- I bet your mum still ties your shoelaces”

“But they’re velcro fam-“


Customer: “Hello KIND SIR may I please get a – “
Bossman: “Think you’re in the wrong shop mate”


“You’re on Voda?? You see what it is yeah babes…”

Yeah, you should definitely have just walked, still.

The most infamous urban legend of London. #JuJu

If you don’t know, get to know.

THIS THOUGH. Where can we vote on the Freddo tax that seems to always get hit by this mad inflation?

Savage but funny. “Yeah you’ll know you’re close when you see a chicken shop called Morleys…”

It most definitely is a…

…Meanwhile Drake is somewhere in Canada taking notes like….


GRM Daily

Before we finish, can everybody please stand for our National Anthem-

JHEEEZE. Did you pass the #LondonCitizenshipTest?