News 30 March 2023

Tickets for final Arsenal game of the season are selling for an insane 5-figure price

30 March 2023
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Arsenal are having their best season in years, so it’s not surprising that tickets for their final fixture of the season are in high demand.

However tickets for the match against Wolves – which could be the decider that sees the Gunners clinch the Premier League title – are selling online for an insane amount.

Whilst tickets should usually cost no more than around £40-75, but people on social media are reporting eye-watering resale prices as high as £53,000.

The club are aware of ticket touters and resellers, writing in a statement last week, “We will also be ramping up our ongoing work and investment to clamp down on ticket touting to protect honest match-going supporters.

“We recognise the demand for tickets is at unprecedented levels and we have been working to combat the activities by bots and touts. 

“This has resulted in 100,000 suspected bots being blocked from the ticketing site in recent weeks. A significant number of season ticket and membership accounts have also been banned for suspicious touting activity.”

Arsenal are eight points clear of second-placed Manchester City at the top of the Premier League with just 10 games to go and are looking to record their first title win in 19 years.

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